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Furness Fellows.

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Alex Fernandez

Co-Founder/Chief Product Officer, Nspire Create Labs

The purpose of this program will be to increase awareness of Metaverse and XR technology and its practical industry applications. Workshops and Professional Developments will include hands-on application of XR design tools using collaborative applications. Real-time 3D asset and world creation along with physics, materials, and scripting will be covered using a variety of different Apps. We aim to help integrate users to VR and Metaverse Literacy through project-based challenges. We hope to help build portfolios for those interested in pursuing a career in XR development using NLC (Low-Code/No-Code Development) tools. Session 1: Introduction to the Metaverse and 3D Design Session 2: Prototype and Interact Session 3: Design Challenge Session 4: More VR Design Tools Session 5: Experimental Beta apps (QA, and Play Testing) Session 6: My 3D Portfolio

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Lorelle VanFossen

Diector of Educators in VR

Educators in VR Educational Virtual World Project Develop a process to support virtual world builders in AltspaceVR (and Unity-based projects) to provide affordable educational virtual worlds to educators and schools for rent. The project includes a scholarship program for donating educational worlds to qualifying teachers and schools.

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