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As we stand on the precipice of an era defined by rapid technological advancement, ethical considerations, and the boundless potential of human connection, VWS emerges as a beacon of hope and progress.

What we do:

Our expertise extends beyond providing technical knowledge, implementation strategies, and assessment support. We are committed to sparking and channeling human creativity to devise sustainable solutions that enable enduring transformations. By collaborating with local policymakers, philanthropic entities, global innovators, and families most impacted by the swift progression of emerging technologies, we assist communities, governments, and businesses in carving out new routes to prosperity. The Virtual World Society is dedicated to providing support to international collectives that champion universal access to emerging technologies aimed at societal betterment.

Our Experts: Our Board of Directors and Science and Ethics Council
Objective: Drive Conversations on Mass Adoption of Emerging Technology: The Society, through its ethical thought leadership, initiates discussions within the industry, science, and research sectors about the mass adoption of emerging technology. The Science and Ethics Council:
• Conducts open-minded inquiries and supports aligned organizations through mentoring.
• Aggregates partner data for insightful end-user revelations.
• Generates enlightening content including reports, videos, talks, and gatherings, focusing on ethical deployment and a humanity-first approach to emerging tech.

Our Partner Organizations: Communities for Good
Objective: Build Collaborations to Promote Access to Emerging Technology: The Society’s Capacity Building of Social Good Organizations is a robust mentorship initiative designed to enhance the endeavors of organizations utilizing cutting-edge technologies for societal benefit. The program:
• Provides access to industry leaders, intensive mentorship, and strategic resources.
• Explores the intersection of XR, AI, and other emerging technologies.
• Develops strategies for project scaling and assessment frameworks for measuring long-term societal change.

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VWS is a nonprofit organization that collaborates with international collectives of professionals specializing in emerging technologies to carve out new paths to prosperity by harnessing human creativity and devising sustainable, humanity-first solutions in the rapidly evolving global landscape.

Meet the Board of Directors

Tom Furness

Board President

Dr. Angelina Dayton

Executive Director

Linda Ricci

Board Vice President

Trond Nilsen 

Board Treasurer

Alvin Graylin

Board Member

Science and Ethics Council

Brittan Heller

Board Member

Science and Ethics Council

Christopher Lafayette

Board Member

Funding Committee Member

Mark Billinghurst

Board Member

Science and Ethics Council

Andrea Kates

Board Member

Laura Kusumoto

Board Secretary

Carolina Cruz-Neira

Board Member

Marcus Shingles

Board Member 

Avi Bar-Zeev

Board Member

Science and Ethics Council

Leslie Shannon

Board Member

Science and Ethics Council

Dan Blair

Board Member

Science and Ethics Council

Dace Campbell

Board Member

Community Development

Meet the Staff

Favour Borokini

African AI and Technology Ethics Researcher

Doug Hohulin

Virtual Reality Research Scientist 

Keely Canniff

Immersive Instructional Developer

Christian Fries

Marketing Manager

Matt Cook

Staff Engineer

Savina Georgieva-Fries

Social Media Manager

Maxwell McGee

Head of Podcast Production

Jeremy Dalton

Virtual Reality Historian

Paige Dansinger

Community Partnerships / HomeSpark Facilitator