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Artificial Intelligence
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Building a Better Reality. Together.

Virtual World Society provides capacity-building support for organizations and communities that promote universal access to emerging technologies for the betterment of society.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Advanced Robotics
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How May We Support Your Community?

Virtual World Society navigates critical problems by empowering community-lead organizations to create solutions and experts solving the greatest challenges today with immersive and converging emerging technologies.


Our council of experts in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) , and artificial intelligence (AI) ensures responsible development and ethical adoption for maximum social benefit.

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We foster strong partnerships with local organizations, educators, and businesses. Together, we co-create and deploy immersive tech solutions to address unique community needs, and foster sustainable growth.

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HomeSpark: Igniting Positive Change: Our flagship program leverages the power of VR, AR, and AI to empower families, improve education, and create lasting positive change in communities worldwide.

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Helsinki XR Center
Tiina Vuorio
Executive Director

Helsinki XR Center is very excited to share this mission and initiate a new collaboration with Virtual World Society for building an inclusive, accessible and sustainable future for everyone through immersive reality technologies.

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United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians
Dr. Les Hannah
Director of Education 

The Virtual World Society is helping our tribal community preserve and revitalize our culture using technology.


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Georgian College, Manitoba
Michelle O'Brien, Indigenous Studies Coordinator, and Angeline King, Virtual Reality Educator

Indigenous Language - Learning worlds spark revitalization, preservation, and promotion, provide greater opportunites for students.



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Check out VR Garden: Plant Seeds Together in Meta Horizon Worlds

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Good People Doing Good Things

Our Science and Ethics Council and Alliance for Good are here to help you navigate our rapidly changing world. Learn more about what the future will look like and how to prepare. 

Check out these books:

Our Next Reality: How the AI-Powered Metaverse will Reshape the World by Alvin Graylin and Louis Rosenberg
Interconnected Realities: How the Metaverse Will Transform Our Relationship with Technology Forever by Leslie Shannon




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The World of Technology is Rapidly Converging

Learn more about the Essential Eight technologies outlined by PWC. How will the convergence of these technologies effect your life?  Find out more about the Future of Jobs from the World Economic Forum. Become a member to stay up to date on how and why things are changing and how it will effect you.