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Who We Are

The Immersive Sustainability Lab is a hub for sustainable urban innovation, development, and implementation. Initiated by Helsinki XR Center/Metropolia UAS and supported by the Virtual World Society, the Lab operates in an ecosystem of cities, emerging tech and sustainability related companies and organizations.


The Challenge

To increase global action for sustainable cities, integrating Finnish values of trust and respect for nature, with a focus on a human-centered approach.


Our Vision and Mission

To lead in sustainable initiatives globally using XR and AI, focusing on empowerment, inclusivity, and environmental stewardship.


Our Approach

Combines environmental sustainability with social equity, cultural richness, and economic vitality.


What We Do

Supports sustainable development for cities, showcases technology, engages communities inclusively, and fosters international cooperation. 

Capitalizing on Finnish Values 

Highlighting Finland's position as the happiest country in the world, emphasizing equality, trust, and respect for nature.

Our Resources


Immersive Sustainability Lab draws on rich inventory of innovative digital resources, including urban development plans, IoT (Internet of Things), open data, and digital twins. The Lab is well-equipped to visualize, simulate, and enact meaningful changes in urban environments.

Our Tools

  • Extended Reality (XR)
  • Spatial Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • 3D Modeling
  • Participatory Interactive Art
  • IoT & Data Analytics
  • Space & Spatial Processes
  • Simulation
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud computing



Edible Green City Havens

Transforming car-centric areas into sustainable and productive green spaces.


Extended Reality Integration

Incorporating cutting-edge XR & spatial computing technologies to visualize urban transformation.


Augmented Reality Implementation

Utilizing AR to enhance the interactive and informative aspects of the urban spaces.


Make an Impact

Become part of our growing community and contribute to a more sustainable future!

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AI-Assisted Sustainable  Innovation 


Finland Immersive Sustainability Lab's pioneering use of AI-assisted interfaces in XR revolutionizes creative solutions and offers tangible benefits for companies and institutions alike.

Moreover, such initiatives demonstrate a commitment to responsible innovation, inspire others to prioritize sustainability in their endeavors, and foster a collective effort toward a greener future.

Physical and Virtual Presence

Our presence establishes both a tangible space for community interaction and a virtual footprint for broader engagement.



Our Roadmap outlines phases from foundation and engagement, through expansion and integration, aiming for measurable impacts on urban sustainability.

Phase 1: Foundation & Engagement (2024-2025)

Objective: Lay the groundwork for sustainable urban development through strategic partnerships and community-centric initiatives.

Phase 2: Expansion & Integration (2025-2028)

Objective: Scale up successful initiatives, integrating community and stakeholder feedback to enhance technological capabilities and develop a sustainable business model.

Measurable Impacts

By investing in these endeavors, we not only improve the quality of life for current generations but also lay the groundwork for a brighter future for generations to come.

By committing to track participation rates, collaboration index, innovation output, sustainability impact, community engagement, talent development, and urban development impact, we ensure a comprehensive assessment of our initiatives. These metrics serve as vital indicators of success, guiding us in driving sustainable innovation, fostering collaboration, and ultimately creating positive impacts in our communities and urban environments. Through diligent measurement and analysis, we can continuously refine our strategies, maximize our impact, and strive towards our shared vision of a more sustainable and prosperous future.

  1. Participation Rates
  2. Collaboration Index
  3. Innovation Output
  4. Sustainability Impact
  5. Community Engagement
  6. Talent Development
  7. Urban Development Impact

These metrics gauge the effectiveness of initiatives in driving sustainable innovation, fostering collaboration, and creating positive impacts.

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